3M Co.

3M Co. is a Humankind 100 company whose ranking is based on its Humankind Value, a proprietary metric that provides an estimate of the overall dollar amount a company creates for investors, consumers, employees, and society at large.

The 3M Company is an American multinational conglomerate. The company produces goods and services across a multitude of fields such as industry, worker safety, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Ticker: MMM

Humankind Value: $64.3 B

Revenue: $34.7 B

Market Cap: $82.1 B

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(All values are in US Dollars, where M=Million, B=Billion, T=Trillion.)

3M Co. creates positive Humankind Value on the whole. The greatest contributors to this positive outcome are Medical Devices ($35.9 B), Hygienic Products ($16.7 B), and Economic Value ($10.3 B). Medical device research and development is responsible for substantive gains in length and quality of life, perhaps most profoundly in fighting cardiovascular disease and immobility via implantable technologies, and in expanding the scope of illnesses that can be detected in a more timely or less invasive fashion. 3M produces economic value by offering to consumers goods and services that they value, paying employees for their labor in producing these goods and services, and providing value for shareholders. Out of every company we have analyzed, 3M is in the top ten for Hygienic Products. Positive value from Medical Devices is linked to an estimate of 744,403.1 additional years lived by people worldwide. However, there is room for improvement with respect to Air Pollution (-$4.4 B) and Greenhouse Gases (-$2.9 B). Medical Devices, Hygienic Products, Economic Value, and Air Pollution are attached to this company as a result of its direct business activities. Greenhouse Gases is mostly or entirely a result of supply-chain relationships.

How the Humankind Value Methodology Drives the Rankings

We take a quantitative, data-driven approach to estimating the economic impact that companies have on investors, customers, employees, and society at large, rolling social responsibility into a single dollar value that we use to represent what a company is contributing to humanity. As far as we can tell, we're the first ones doing it this way.

How Methodology Drives the Rankings