2023 Overall Rankings

The Humankind 100 celebrates the one hundred U.S. public companies with the highest Humankind Values. We believe these companies consistently work to create large amounts of value, not just for their investors, but for humanity at large. The Humankind 100 companies are ranked based on Humankind Value, a proprietary metric that provides an estimate of the overall dollar amount a company creates for investors, consumers, employees, and society at large, and are therefore among the most ethical companies in the United States, according to our research.


The Humankind 100 list is compiled annually by the research team at Humankind Investments, an investment manager whose mission is to invest in the manner that is best for humanity. You can learn more about the Humankind Value methodology by visiting our research or articles pages. To demonstrate the kinds of companies that comprise the Humankind 100, we’ve illustrated below the relative scales of the major positive (in green) and negative (in gray) impacts of the companies that made it on to this year’s list.

Positive and negative impacts of companies graphic.

Humankind 100 companies tend to contribute positively to humanity, for example by providing access to food, clean water, healthcare, or free digital services. Meanwhile, companies that hurt people, for example by contributing significantly to climate change or selling toxic products, tend to not make it on to the list. Check out the complete Humankind 100 company list below. Each Humankind 100 company has its own page that goes into more detail about the company's positive contributions to humanity, as well as about its areas for improvement - after all, there's no such thing as a perfect company.

Humankind 100 Rankings