Becton, Dickinson & Co.

Becton, Dickinson & Co. is a Humankind 100 company whose ranking is based on its Humankind Value, a proprietary metric that provides an estimate of the overall dollar amount a company creates for investors, consumers, employees, and society at large.

Becton, Dickinson & Co., also known as BD, is a medical technology company that produces and sells medical devices and instrument systems. Its products cover interventional care, such as equipment needed to perform surgery; medical care, for example delivering medications and enhancing diabetes treatment; and life sciences solutions that equip researchers with lab tools and reagents.

Ticker: BDX

Humankind Value: $104.6 B

Revenue: $17.4 B

Market Cap: $70.4 B

(All values are in US Dollars, where M=Million, B=Billion, T=Trillion.)

BD’s contributions to Medical Devices ($94.4 B), Medical Services ($6.0 B), and Economic Value ($4.0 B) help make it a positive Humankind Value company. Medical device research and development is responsible for substantive gains in quality and length of life. Part of this comes from implantable technologies, which help patients who experience heart disease or immobility. Devices also help medical professionals detect more illnesses sooner and with less invasive procedures. Out of the companies we analyzed, BD is in the top ten for Medical Devices. Positive value from Medical Devices and Medical Services contains our estimation of 2,084,397.8 additional years lived by people worldwide. BD produces economic value by offering to consumers goods and services that they value, paying employees for their labor in producing these goods and services, and providing value for shareholders. This firm can increase its Humankind Value by addressing Greenhouse Gases (-$640.3 M) and Opioid Abuse (-$535.3 M). Medical Devices and Economic Value are attached to this company as a result of its direct business activities. Medical Services, Greenhouse Gases, and Opioid Abuse are largely consequences of the actions of its supply chain partners.

How the Humankind Value Methodology Drives the Rankings

We take a quantitative, data-driven approach to estimating the economic impact that companies have on investors, customers, employees, and society at large, rolling social responsibility into a single dollar value that we use to represent what a company is contributing to humanity. As far as we can tell, we're the first ones doing it this way.

How Methodology Drives the Rankings