American Water Works Company, Inc.

American Water Works Company, Inc. is a Humankind 100 company whose ranking is based on its Humankind Value, a proprietary metric that provides an estimate of the overall dollar amount a company creates for investors, consumers, employees, and society at large.

American Water Works Co., Inc. is a public utility company that provides water, water treatment, and wastewater services across the United States. It treats and delivers more than a billion gallons of water per day.

Ticker: AWK

Humankind Value: $123.2 B

Revenue: $3.8 B

Market Cap: $28.0 B

(All values are in US Dollars, where M=Million, B=Billion, T=Trillion.)

Sanitizing and delivering water to people is a vital industry to sustain human life. The market value of companies in this field are not as large as our analysis suggests they should be. Globally, the annual benefit of clean water can be measured in millions of avoided deaths. The value we associate with this company’s impact on Water and Crop Production is linked to an estimated 2,520,236.9 equivalent years of life not lost to death or reduction in quality of life. American Water Works is responsible for positive Humankind Value, notably from its impact categories of Water ($117.5 B), Crop Production ($4.0 B), and Sanitation ($2.7 B). The company is among the top ten in the Water category. Downsides for this company are its association with Greenhouse Gases (-$1.5 B) and Calorie Conversion (-$808.3 M). Direct business activities are responsible for its impact on Water, Sanitation, and Greenhouse Gases, while Crop Production and Calorie Conversion are largely consequences of its supply chain partners.

How the Humankind Value Methodology Drives the Rankings

We take a quantitative, data-driven approach to estimating the economic impact that companies have on investors, customers, employees, and society at large, rolling social responsibility into a single dollar value that we use to represent what a company is contributing to humanity. As far as we can tell, we're the first ones doing it this way.

How Methodology Drives the Rankings